What Is Agreement Of Lozan

The construction of all new borders between Turkey and neighbouring countries, as well as the operation of the lines between these stations, are governed by similar agreements. Subject to specific provisions relating to the transfer of ports and railways, whether owned by the Turkish government or by private companies, located in areas separated by Turkey under this Treaty and which have been or are likely to be concluded in a similar manner between the contracting powers concerning dealers and the retirement of staff , the transfer of the railways is subject to the following conditions: The treatment of the origins of which are or are intended for the territories whose inhabitants benefit from the provisions of the first paragraph of this article is submitted in Turkey and, conversely, the treatment that has been treated or intended for Turkey is governed in these areas by mutual agreement between the French and Turkish authorities. The Commission in paragraph 1 is composed of a representative of the Turkish government, a representative of the Ottoman Public Debt Council, a representative of debt other than single debt and the Turks` Lots; Each of the governments concerned also has the right to appoint a representative. Any issue on which the Commission may not be able to reach an agreement is referred to the adjudicator in article 47, paragraph 4. If, as a result of the establishment of new borders, a rail link between two parts of the same country or a secondary line of one country is located in another country, the working conditions for traffic between the two countries are set in an agreement to be concluded between the railway administrations concerned, subject to specific agreements. If these administrations fail to agree on the terms of such an agreement, these conditions are set by arbitration. (b) leases and respite agreements for land and houses that have been concluded between individuals. The Turkish government or authorities may not exercise, for any reason, political, legislative or administrative powers or powers outside Turkish territory, on nationals of a territory under the sovereignty or protectorate of other powers that have signed the treaty or on nationals of a territory separate from Turkey. In 1839, Britain invaded China to crush resistance to its participation in the country`s economic and political affairs, and was one of the main objectives of the British war: the occupation of Hong Kong Island, populated on the coasts of southeastern China. The new British colony (Hong Kong Island) prospered as it became a shopping centre between East and West and a commercial and commercial centre for southern China, and in 1898 Britain gained an additional 99 years of domination over Hong Kong under the second Beijing Agreement. The high contracting parties agree that debts due before the war or due during the war under contracts that were not paid because of the war must be settled and paid in the currency agreed in the currency agreed at the rate in their home country.