Usps Negotiated Service Agreement

If the USPS decides to terminate negotiations with the candidate before reaching an agreement on an NSA in point 1.1, the pricing strategy manager communicates in writing to the candidate and explains the decision. Within 15 days of receiving the written statement, the candidate may request a re-examination of the decision of the line manager. The applicant`s request for reconsideration must contain additional information and reasons why negotiations related to the NSA should resume. The candidate files an audit request with the Vice-President for pricing and classification through the Pricing Strategy Officer (see address 608.8.0). The client receives tariff incentives to meet the negotiated thresholds for the volume of the letter, and the verification and negotiation process improves business relationships. In addition, the postal service will better understand and address the business needs and expectations of customers, which will improve the overall postal service. Those interested in an NSA can obtain more information by calling the pricing strategy by emailing at 703-292-3638 or by writing at: In addition, experience shows that the process will allow the Post to discover ways to solve existing problems and streamline internal systems and handling methods. This will help us identify new products and services that could benefit from mailers, reduce costs and improve service – not only for the NSA partner, but also for other postal customers. An NSA is a contractual agreement between the Post Office and a single company that offers tariff incentives in exchange for a change in the behavior of the company that benefits the post office. In many cases, the change in behaviour mentioned in the contract will result in a significant increase in the annual volume of first-class or standard e-mail.

To be effective, the proposed NSA must be reviewed and recommended by the Postal Rate Commission (PRC) and approved by the Governing Council. You may receive questions about this agreement, as business mailers want to know how to get an NSA. Check out the business offices interested in an NSA for more information at 800-ASK-USPS. An NSA is a contractual agreement between the Post Office and a company from which both parties benefit. Capital One receives rate incentives for more mail and better service for non-negotiable parts. Applicants are encouraged to have or obtain a broadcast authorization, create a Central account Processing System, comply with Postal One and participate in the Mail Piece Total Quality Management before they are considered. They must also participate in the costs of negotiating and suing the agreement before the CPP, which may include separate advice, research, documents and witness fees (but are not limited). For years, the Post Office has worked with Densen to identify and meet customer needs, improve service, reduce costs and increase volume and net sales. This method is how we have developed many new products and services.

It`s the first NSA at the Post Office, but it won`t be the last. Our pricing group is negotiating with other mailers to enter into agreements that will encourage companies to increase their use of the mail as an effective marketing tool. By expanding their activities, these companies will increase our business and add significant revenue to our final result. Currently, there is only one – a 3-year test with Capital One, which will come into effect on September 1, 2003. Capital One receives pricing incentives in exchange for sending more first-class items to attract new customers and expand its business. Capital One also agrees to convert its systems to the use of the Exchange Service Address – electronic notification of relayed mail and non-delivery parts.