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A vulnerable young adult with learning disabilities lost her sight after staff in a learning disability unit were unable to complete her properly monitored injuries. On 28 September 2020, the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo elected Naim Qelaj as Kosovo`s new mediator for a five-year, non-renewable term. Mr. Qelaj succeeds Hilmi Jashari, whose term as mediator has ended. From 1 October 2020, prisoners have a formal right to complain against the decisions of the prison`s management. The Ombudsman of the Parliamentary and Health Service (PHSO) today published an interim report on the results of a survey of members of the International Ombudsman`s Institute. “Mediator, coronavirus and crisis management” highlights key findings on the challenges facing mediator organizations around the world. The Office of the Queensland Ombudsman`s annual report 2019-20 showed how the Office`s work is improving public administration in Queensland. This year, the Agency made 244 recommendations to public bodies to improve administrative practices and 100% of the recommendations were adopted. Provincial Ombudsman Sindh has approved a study with the Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) entitled “Issues related to girls` education in Sindh,” funded by the IOI under the Regional Support Program 2018-2019.

The Children`s Ombudsman has developed tools for educators to discuss children`s rights issues in Ireland with children and adolescents.