Cloudera License Agreement

3. Delivery of the license. Cloudera grants the customer a non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-transferable, revocable and limited license for access and use of the product applicable solely for the customer`s internal purposes, in accordance with Section 1. The product is provided by electronic download or online access, which will be provided after the customer accepts this agreement. This license may expire automatically if you claim a claim against a contributor for patents that you claim to be infringed by the licensed software; Your patent license from such a licensed software contributor may also expire automatically. 12.1 With regard to licensed cloudera products in the form provided under these conditions, Cloudera agrees at its own expense: to pay all IP damages (as defined below) and to defend the member before (or cloudera`s choice, settlement) of all claims filed by a third party and arguing that, when used in accordance with the purposes authorized by these conditions, Cloudera products granted in violation of a patent, copyright, trade secret or other third party property rights, if the member: (i) Cloudera immediately informs in writing of such a claim; (ii) Cloudera gives exclusive control over the investigation, preparation, defence and settlement of the IP claim; and iii) fully supports and collaborates with Cloudera to defend them. Cloudera agrees to pay any damages or liabilities resulting from the right to THE IP (or that were agreed as part of a Cloudera comparison), including legal and legal fees (cumulative “IP damage”). Cloudera is not responsible for a tally that it did not approve in writing prior to such a tally. After the disclosure of an IP claim or any facts likely to give rise to such an IP application, Cloudera may, at its sole discretion and discretion: (a) grant the member the right to continue to exercise the licence granted to the member in accordance with the conditions set; (b) license the Cloudera product; or (c) modify the licensed Cloudera product so it is not hurtful. If the member is involved in a non-contestable judgment regarding the cloudera product conceded and Cloudera finds that it is not economically wise to implement alternatives (a) to (c), Cloudera will terminate the conditions. 10.6 Without Cloudera`s prior written consent, the Member is not authorized to conduct itself with respect to interoperability tests or cloudera`s software, support or professional service licensing conditions.

3.1.1 License. Subject to these conditions, Cloudera may license and/or subscribe to a member based on its membership level for the use of one or more Cloudera s. products in connection with the program. The member must submit a request to Cloudera using a form indicated by Cloudera to identify the corresponding Cloudera products and the corresponding type of license (“Licence Application Form”). If Cloudera accepts the written licensing requirement form (including an email notification of your license availability), Cloudera products listed in that acceptance are considered “licensed Cloudera products,” subject to the type of license described below. 6. The secret. “Confidential Information” refers to any information that Cloudera makes available to the customer in oral, written or other form, material or immaterial, about this contract or Cloudera (before, on the effective date or after the effective date) that the Customer is, in light of the facts and circumstances regarding the disclosure of information by or related to the customer, of the confidential information provided by Cloudera.