What Is A Ripe Agreement

This terms and conditions agreement sets out the terms and conditions under which Ripe Insurance Services Limited agrees to negotiate. It also identifies your own responsibilities to us and to insurers and outlines our regulatory and legal obligations. Please contact us immediately if these Terms of Use have anything you do not agree with or do not understand. If you decide to pay your insurance premium through our third-party financing provider, your data will be sent to them. If your policy is paid through our third-party financial services provider and you choose to renew your insurance coverage (or we renew your insurance coverage in accordance with the “Policy Extension” section of this agreement), we will continue to provide you with your information. If a debit system or other payment due in connection with the credit contract you enter into with our third-party financial services provider to pay premiums is not made if they are subject to payment, or if you terminate the contract with them or if you do not enter into a credit contract with them, we will be informed. If you do not enter into other agreements with us or our third-party financial services provider to pay your insurance premiums, acknowledge and accept that we may order a relevant insurer on your behalf to terminate the insurance. When evaluating your credit application, our third-party financing provider will review the public information that a credit rating agency holds about you. The credit reference agency adds the details of the search and your application to its data set, whether your application is maintained or not. This and other information about you can be used to make credit decisions about you and carry out checks to prevent and detect money laundering. If your credit application is accepted, they will send you a welcome package with the terms and conditions and start cashing in. A credit contract will be included for you to sign and return. You can start cashing in your withdrawals before returning your signed credit policy to pay for insurance coverage that you will receive.

If your insurance policy is renewed, we will also provide you with your data, unless you give us the opposite. Please read carefully the pre-contract explanations and information on the cost of credit (including representative examples). Together, they provide important information about the available credit facility. To benefit from the possibility of our third-party financial services provider, you must reside in the UK, be 18 years of age or older and have a bank account or home loan account that can be used for direct debit. Credits are available based on their status. If you have a complaint, please contact: Complaints Department, Ripe Insurance Services Limited, The Royals, Altrincham Road, Manchester M22 4BJ, phone `44 (0)161 902 2666 or email: complaints@ripeinsurance.co.uk. If you purchase a policy on behalf of another person, group or other team (hereinafter the insured), it is your responsibility to ensure that the disclosure obligation is met for the insured for whom the coverage is acquired. It is also your duty to ensure that the insured on whose behalf the insurance was acquired is aware of the full insurance data.