Data Security Agreement Template will provide the customer with appropriate assistance with a data protection impact analysis, only with respect to the customer`s personal data, this privacy statement, The Services and whether the Customer does not have access to relevant information. The customer is solely responsible for where he downloads the customer`s personal data while using the Services. manages servers in secure data centres around the world, some of which are outside the EU and EEA. The services allow the customer to choose the data center area during the ordering process as well as through the Cloud Control Panel customer portal. If the customer is unsure of the data center region from which services are provided or who wish to be transferred between regions, the support team can provide on-demand assistance. The client acknowledges that certain aspects of services, such as the Content Delivery Network, are linked by design and purpose and are served by several global computing centres, including outside the EU and EEA. When providing and assisting services, the customer agrees to hire international subprocessors outside the EU and EEA, including partners and subsidiaries, provide the client, in accordance with this data protection authority and services, with appropriate and timely assistance to enable the client to respond to a request from a person concerned in order to exercise one of his or her rights under the General Data Protection Regulation (including his rights to access, rectification, objection, deletion and portability of data. , to the extent permitted); and any other correspondence, request or complaint received from a person, regulator or other relevant third party regarding the processing of the client`s personal data. In the event that such a request, correspondence, request or claim directly to, will inform the customer of the details of this, except for anything else prohibited. The submission of confidentiality agreements was developed and approved in 2014 by the Data Management Steering Committee, consisting of the Executive Vice President`s Office, the Office of General Counsel, the Office of Human Resources, the Office of Information Technology, the Office of Finance and Treasury, the Office of Audit and Compliance, the Dean of the Faculty and the Office of the Registrar.